Cryptocurrency or Forex Trading? The Low Down

Both cryptocurrency and forex trading involve exchanging currencies, but that's about where the similarities end. Both of these markets are influenced by different factors.     There's no doubt that trading either of these currencies is effort-intensive; you must be well versed in the art of strategic risk-management, plan very meticulously and leave yourself open to learning every day. On the other hand, though, trading in these currencies will open up the doors of remarkable returns to you, if you invest smartly.    So, if you're an investor wondering which is the better of these two markets, here are essential features of each, to help you decide: What They Have In Common   One thing that both cryptocurrency and forex have in common is, both markets can be highly volatile. However, the cryptocurrency market is more volatile. The volatility index of Bitcoin alone is pegged around 5% to 15%, compared to around 1% for extreme currencies in Forex and about 5% for most of... Read