What are the different types of bow used in archery ?

Archery, an ancient art, continues to fascinate with its subtle blend of power and precision. Archers can choose from a variety of bows, each with its own characteristics and techniques. These include the classical bow, the compound bow, the longbow, the naked or instinctive bow and the crossbow. This article explores in detail each of these different types of bow used in archery, with their associated characteristics.

Recurve bow

Of the various types of bow used in archery, the classical bow stands out as one of the oldest and most versatile. The distinctive look of this type of bow lies in its limbs, which curve away from the archer. This ensures that more energy is released with each shot. It is generally made up of layers of fibreglass, carbon or wood, with a wooden or composite riser. The classical bow is the only bow permitted at the Olympic Games. This distinction makes it a preferred choice for competition enthusiasts. They can explore the art of precision and performance in this captivating sport. 


The longbow, inherited from medieval times, embodies simplicity and power. Consisting mainly of a long wooden stick with a string at the ends, this bow symbolises the very essence of tradition. However, it is the most demanding type of bow to handle because of its length and increased draw weight. This makes it a challenge for archers wishing to achieve precision. Nevertheless, for archery enthusiasts looking for a challenging and rewarding sport, the longbow remains a perfect choice. Mastering this authentic form of archery offers an unparalleled experience in connecting with the historical roots of this ancestral art.

Compound bows

The compound bow represents a fascinating modern advance in archery. Incorporating a sophisticated system of pulleys, cams and cables, it allows the archer to handle heavy loads with surprising ease. This ingenious mechanism reduces the effort required to maintain tension, offering greater stability when aiming. Generally made from tough composite materials, compound bows are remarkably durable. This type of bow is particularly popular with hunters, as it gives them more time to aim effectively at their prey. At the crossroads of technological progress and precision, the compound bow is a marvel in the art of archery.


The crossbow is a unique type of bow, equipped with a trigger mechanism. Its ease of use makes it ideal for beginners or those with physical limitations that prevent them from using a traditional bow. However, you need to familiarise yourself with the regulations specific to each region regarding the use of crossbows, especially for hunting. Before taking the plunge, find out about the specific rules and restrictions. By being informed and complying with these legal provisions, you'll be able to take full advantage of this unique form of archery. You'll also benefit from its ease of use and accessibility for everyone.

Bare bow

The instinctive or naked bow is a style of archery that puts the archer's skills to the test. In fact, it requires no aiming accessories. In this style, the archer relies entirely on instinct and expertise to aim and shoot accurately. There are no sights or other technological aids. This approach emphasises the direct connection between the archer and his bow. This requires perfect control of posture and movement to hit the target successfully. It is prized for its added challenge and closeness to the essence of archery. As such, it offers an authentic and rewarding experience for fans of this age-old discipline.

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